Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Your Learning

Please answer all of the following questions: (Make sure you proofread and use complete sentences)
1) After viewing Mr. Fisch's world-renown "Did you Know" powerpoint, what are some things that strike you about the facts presented?
1) What is the value of learning?
2) What is your role as a learner?


Gabe V. said...

1)I found Mr. Fisch's powerpoint absolutely fascinating. I never imagined some of these things could be true. I found it incredible that so many books are published daily. That just makes a library seem less and less impressive every single day. That opened my eyes more then they already were. Also, when it said that school nowadays is training students for jobs that have not yet been invented. That was strange and I found it highly interesting.

2)My value of learning is very, very high. I consider education as one of the most important, if not THE most important, part of my life. Learning to me is great for me well-being and it is a challenge for me to learn more and more every day. Basically, what I'm saying is: Where would I be without my learning?

3)My role as a learner is to absorb whatever I am being taught and to remember it as best I can. From there, I can use it to do things that I would not have been able to do before AND to learn even more. When you think about it, you never stop learning. First, you learn the basis of knowledge, the beginning steps. Then, you use that knowledge to learn the harder things and you just keep going, and going, and going from there.My role as a learner is just to learn. That's all there is to it.

Cali M. said...
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Malinda V. said...

1) Mr. Fisch's "Did you Know" powerpoint was very interesting, and so amazing. I couldn't believe that just in that powerpoint 395 babies would be born in India! It just amazed me how quickly our world population is growing! Another interesting thing fact that was mentioned was that teachers and instructors are preparing students for jobs that don't even exist yet. I can definitely see how Mr. Fisch's powerpoint is so popular.

2)My value of learning is extremely high. A good education is a very important thing to have when living in this world. I have very high goals for myself and without education I don't think I could reach them.

3) My role as a learner is to just try my hardest and absorb as much as I possibly can. Once high school ends and I officially start my own life, knowledge will be a very big part of my life. So basically what i am saying is just that my role a learner is just to try my best and don't slack. That's all that I can do.

Rachel S. said...

1) After viewing Mr. Fisch's world-renown powerpoint I was struck by many things that I had never heard of before. First, I found it incredible that both China and India have more honor students than the U.S. does. Also, I found it interesting that in today's schools, teachers are preparing students for jobs that don't yet exisist. Finally, I found this last bit of information intriguing but yet, not surprising. The fact that the number of text messages both sent and recieved exceeds the population. All in all, I found all of these facts interesting and at the same time I learned new things as well.

2) The value of learning can mean a couple of differnt things. First and foremost I truly believe that the value of learning is receiving new knowledge to help shape us for the future. I believe that it is important to learn things about our country and how it started. With that comes a great amount of value. There is also value in learning about our world through science, and value in learning something as simple as writing. With every step of learning comes important value. For example; if the value of reading and writing was not taught in Elmentary school than as high school students we would not be able to do writing as we are now. To conclude, I strongly feel that no matter what the subject is, there will always be some type of value and importance that will help shape us for the near future.

3) My value as a learner consists of a couple differnt things. First, it is to learn or obtain what is expected of me. Secondly, not only do I do what is expected of me but, I give my BEST effort in whatever the assignment may be. As a learner I believe I am to turn in good work in order to best obtain the material and to help myself in the long run. Finally, I think that being a learner requires me to be interested in what I'm doing. To give a good attitude even if I don't particularly enjoy it.

Stephanie P said...

1)After seeing Mr.Fishch's power point about "Did you Know" I was shocked about all the stuff I didn’t know like how India produced more babies in a day then the united state, and how the teachers prepare us so we could get jobs that don’t existed yet.

2) My value of learning is extremely high because without a good education you cannot fulfill your dreams of becoming what you want in life. If you didn’t have an education you couldn’t get a very good job.

3) My role as a learner is to pretty much soak up all the stuff I can and try and do my best to remember it in the future because I know when I get a job I will have to know most of the stuff I learned and use it on my everyday life style. Also if I learn more stuff then I could help out my little brother if he does not understand something, and by doing that then could help him do better in school and become what he wants in life.

Grant K. said...

After watching Mr. Fisch’s PowerPoint I was very interested in how the world was using this power point that a teacher in our building created. I also was shocked when it said the top ten jobs of 2020 were not created yet. As well as students are being trained for jobs that do not exist.

The value of learning in my opinion is very high. When great jobs are hard to come by and you are competing for them education is very important. To have a better chance at good jobs and carriers you need a good education that will single you out from the others.

My role as a learner is to lean as much as I can as fast as I can because the quicker you lean the more you will get out of your education. So I believe high school is the seconded biggest stage in a good education and college is the first. In saying so you have to succeed in high school to succeed in college and in a carrier.

Shea J. said...

1. The thing that stood out in Mr.Fisch's powerpoint was, the fact that China has more Advanced learning kids then we do population. That just blew me away.
This powerpoint in general blew me away but that was THE thing that really stood out to me. The one question I was wondering about this whole time was, how did he figure all of those facts out? Thats just brilliant. Even now I'm scratching my head about it, it was amazing!

1. The value of learning to me is very important. I think that it is a must need for the future. Its something that since you are prepared for, then it makes going to college and working at your job that much easier. It's good for social and mental skills. It's great!

2. My role as a learner is to make sure that I get as much squeezed into my brain as I can so that when I go hang out with my friends, or I can come home to my parents and prove to them that I'm devoted in to suceeding in life. That is my main goal is to please my parents, and that means graduating high school and completing it well. I love school as long as I have fun.

Josh H. said...

1)I found Mr. Fisch's powerpoint to be the most amazing i have ever seen. To hear that the average myspace page is visited nearly 30 times a day it just shows how much more dependent the human civilizationis actually is on the internet. Also to see that it says on the powerpoint that by the time it has finished, 67 babies ar being born in the uniter states, 234 in china, etc. That just baffled me beyond belief. Before seeing this powerpoint I thought I knew a lot about the world we live but I only knew a small percentage compared to what information Mr. Fisch harvested.

2) The value of learning is the most valued thing in the world. I believe that there is almost nothing more important in the world then learning. If we did not learn a thing we would all be just like a baby not knowing where it is, or being able to speak or able to walk, much less crawl! We might not even know who gave birth to us and who feeds us. If we did not learn we would be much like chickens running around with there heads cut off. I believe learning should be highly valued and Mr. Fisch has supported that value widely.

3)My role as a learner is to obtain and remember as much as I am given. Learning is needed in life to know what to do when you need to and once I get to that point, to exceed my range of it into something far more then it is. I have to absorb as much as humanly possible so I can succeed in life with less failure to worry about. most importantly though as my role as a learner I just need to learn and become the best I can possibly can in life. If I can do that then I will do just fine.

Meganl said...

1) I thought Mr. Fish's powerpoint was truly incredible. The facts were surprising, but at the same time were realistic. He presented it in a unique way, but entertaining. The facts that striked me the most were unbelievable. The fact that India produces more babies then the United States and that teachers are telling us about jobs that don't even exist yet. I can see that our world is becoming more technology advanced. When I read how many people are texting and on myspace, the number shocked me. It seems unreal that a person will go through 13-14 jobs. It was mind-boggling to see some of the numbers and persentages on the powerpoint. I can see how technology is becoming a bigger part of our society, new inventions and just seeing China present the Olympics, showing how technology is advancing. It was entertaining, unique, and very well presented.

2) My value of learning is high. Education is important because without it I couldn't get very far in the world. Yes, I'll admit that school can be boring at times, but it can be interesting and even fun at times. Since the world is becoming more advanced in many things it is important to learn new things so you can prosper in the future. In order to get well thought out jobs you have to go through many years of schooling. Learning is a part of everyday life.

3) My role as a learner is to go at it with a positvie and fun attitude. I learn new things everyday. Some things are interesting and others are not. Even if I don't like something I'm learning, I can make it interesting and fun, if not just try my hardest. Learning is something everyone does and can be tied into many things. For example, if you make a mistake in a math problem or even in a sport you have to "learn" from your mistake and try again and again.

Cali M. said...

1) After seeing Mr. Fisch's powerpoint, i was shocked with some of the things i found out. For example, "did you know...." that in the whole world, China speeks the most English? I thought for sure it would be America, but i was wrong. And "did you know...." that there are 200 million or more registered members on myspace, and that 1 out of 8 couples met online? A lot of things striked me about the presentation!

2) In my words the value of learning means one thing, that every little thing we learn prepares us for our future. Even the smallest decisions we make can impact us greatly. Since China has the best education in the world, we have to compete for jobs with other countries. Therefore, when you soak up as much learning in high school, you have a better chance. So let's shoot for the stars, Class of 2012!

3) My role in learning is to take responsibility for my own education. There are great teachers to help me, but I am the only one who can decide to learn the information they are teaching. I believe it is very important to be accountable in learning as much as I can.

Geordie M said...

1. One of the things that really made me think, was that America is not, the smartest, most advanced nation on earth, and also that, there A LOT of people on this planet.

2. The value of learning, is very high because it helps all through out your life, and it helps to shape who you are, and how you view the world, and people.

3. My role as a learner, is to do my best, and take in as much information as i can, so that i can use that information to help me with whatever.

Jordan D. said...

1) I thought his power point was really interesting like how people text so much in one day and that teachers are preparing us for jobs that don't even exist yet.

2) The value of learning is really high because with it you can have a good future and succeed in life and without it you could get no wear in life.

3) My role as a learner is to take in and remember what the teacher says and teaches me and use it for the future and not forget it.

Samantha L. said...

1. After watching the powerpoint I found it suprising that China has more honor students then the U.S. has population and also that we are being prepared for jobs that dont even exist yet.

2. I think learning has a great value because the more education you have the more job oppurtunities you will have when you get out of college.

3. My role as a learner is to value my education and get the most out of it later in life. Also to have a positive attitude in all my classes even the weaker subjects, and to know that the more effort you put into things the more you'll get out of it.

TaylorB. said...

1) I found Mr. Ficshes “Did you know” power point presentation unreal. It is eye opening to how the world is today. I found it very surprising that if you are one in a million in china, there are 1,300 people just like you, and if you live in India there are 1,100 just like you. It made me realize that how big the world actually is, and how many people there actually are. Its hard to comprehend that in only a few short decades a $1,000 dollar computer will exceed the comprehension of the entire human race. With every eight seconds, over 575 babies are born between china, America, and India, It makes you wonder exactly what these everyday computers will be able to do... and especially what they will be able to do, that the human race won't.

2) Now knowing that both Indian and Chinese honor students exceed the number of kids in America. And that America has pushed education to the bottom of their to do lists. I think that the value of leaning has been lost here in America. I think that an education is key to the success of a country and it definitely shows in America, and how china is passing us as the leading country in education and overall richest. I think that being the leading county in the world has made us forget that today's kids are tomorrow's leaders, and that we should do our best to prepare them for that.

3)My role as a learner should be to have a plan for the future, and to take advantage of my education today in order to have a successful career. My role is also to plan to help my country later in life by being the best I can be in a the career I will have later in life.

Zack v.S. said...

1. I really enjoyed the power point, it was so interesting. I was surprised at how small of a chance American teenagers have of getting a job over someone from China or India, and also how fast the population was growing like if your in china and someone says ”your one in a million” there would be 1,300 people just like you. The most interesting thing I learned though was that sometime in the future there will be computers smarter than people.
2. I think that there is a lot of value for learning. For us kids now, if we have a good education we will most likely find a good job that we enjoy and the more you learn as an adolescent the more prepared you are for the future.
3. I think our role as learners is to inspire those who don’t want to learn so they can also get good jobs. I know my parents have inspired to learn because there very smart and I would also like o be smart.

Nate H. said...

1) After seeing such a powerful presintation, all of the facts stuck out to me. A few i remember specifically are that most of today's children will haves jobs that do not exist yet. And that by age 38 i will have between 10 and 14 different jobs.
2) The value of learning is not making mistakes of those in the past. And obviously to get a good job.
3) My role as a learner is to focus, not distract others, do my work, and ask questions when needed. If I do my job right, it will make the job of the teacher much easier. It will also secure a bright future for me.

Dakota M. said...

1) After watching Mr. Fisch's world-renown "Did you know" powerpoint, I was somewhat shocked. The facts mention made me realize how fast our civilization is moving forward technology wise. My favorite fact was that the pace at which we are progressing will lead to an invention of a super computer by the year 2013. However, I did not know that China and India have more students in honors classes than America. This struck me as unusual because I have always thought that America was at the top of high education.

2) Learning is of the upmost importance in our society. Without knowledge, our civilization wouldn't be what it is today. The value of learning is above all else because it has shaped our world and helps prepare people for the future.

3) As a learner, I have a few goals. My first goal is to learn as much as I possibly can and to use that knowledge for everything that I do. My second goal is to turn in all of my work on time and put all of my effort into it. My third and final goal is to keep a positive attitude throughout the school year.

Reece R. said...

1) After viewing Mr. Fisch's "Did you Know" powerpoint I was amazed. I never knew most of the stuff that was presented. I found it suprising to learn most of these facts. I also found it interesting to learn that if Myspace were a country it would be one of the largest in the world and that it is visited about 30 times a day. I never knew those facts and I think it is interesting and amazing to learn these facts about our world.

2) My value of learning has always been high and remains high to this day. It is very inportant to get a good education because I learned we are competing in a global economy and everyone all over the world are competing for jobs. Without a good education you will not be able to get a good job over other people who do have a good education. A good education is one of the most important things in my life and I will always try my hardest for the sake of my education.

3) My role as a learner is to try to learn as much as I can. Knowledge is very important and you need your knowlegdge of the world to succeed in life. As a learner I am expected to try my hardest and to take in as much knowledge as I possibly can.

KatelynnW. said...

1) Some facts that surprised me in the PowerPoint "Did you know” were completely shocking. One thong I wasn't expecting was that teachers are preparing us for jobs that don’t even exist yet and that over 3,000 books are published daily. That makes me wonder if I'm missing out on stuff. Another fact that shocked me was that India and China have more Honor students than the U.S. It makes me wonder if their curriculum is in any way similar to ours and that is why they have more honors.

2) My value of learning is one of the most important things in my life. The things I learn now will contribute greatly to my future and possibly others so I want to have it as a number one goal to do my best.

3) My role as a learner is to remember as much as I can and to provide opportunities to refresh my memory and add more to it. As a learner, I need to try my hardest and keep moving forward in life and education.

Earl S. said...

1) I've already seen another of Mr. fischs powerpoints so I already knew what to expect but what amazed me is that jobs that are in demand today weren't four years ago and won't be any more in another four, and how teachers are preparing us for the unknown and brand knew jods and challenges.

2) Knowledge is the essence of life the more you know the more life you have and if you not learning your not living and the learned have found themselves forgotten and illiterate to todays and tomorrows language.

3) My role as a learner is to do all I can to gain knowledge in school and out of it. To keep my eyes and ears open at all times and to do my best with all I do. Learn from my mistakes take all chances to discover something new.

Cole k. said...

1) I was struck by the amount of knoladge put into that powerpoint and how complicated life realy is. The amount of people that die each day from car recks and drunk driving.
2) The value of learning was to know and remember the facts put into that amazing powerpoint.
3) My role is to remember the all the things that happen each day and be glad that we have such a wonderfull school system and comunity that respects one another.